Mobile Application Development

To meet today's challenges, we've created a unique, more personal approach to Mobile App solutions.

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None of the businesses would have expected the huge success of the Android but it has touched the sky in terms of popularity and today about 80% of the businesses account for mobile operating system

Another fact that cannot be ignored is the increasing use of the android phones and tablets. Keeping this fact in mind, the businesses now also need to include the mobile applications while planning their marketing strategy. With attractive and responsive mobile applications, the chances of converting the buyers into loyal customers increase to a great deal. we at Asicor have a team of professionals that excels in designing android apps.


All the applications developed by us are in accordance to the guideline given by Apple so the businesses need not to face any kind of trouble in future.

Aisor is a company that offers you the best solution for all your requirements. Our iOS app development team excels at designing high end applications in different niche. Our services comprise of defining a strategy, designing the app, programming it, testing it, deployment, maintenance. We offers services to agencies, established companies, start-ups and any other service that is in need of an iOS compatible app. Having years of experience in iOS SDK and key frameworks, we are able to design apps that are successfully submitted to the iTunes.


We at Aiscor have access to the latest SDK and a skilled team of professionals who excel in designing mobile apps for Windows operating system.

Windows phones have been in the market since a long time and with Microsoft overtaking the Windows phone in the market, they have become quite popular among the people. Many people use Windows operating system on their phones and hence there arises the need for the businesses to get their business and marketing apps designed that are compatible with Windows operating System.