Our Services

Bed Sculpting

We create "Artistic Expressions" out of mundane planting beds! Create deep edges of eye catching designs and flowing lines in your planting beds. We will trim your existing bushes, plantings or shrubbery where necessary, completely rake out beds of all compost mulch or debris down to soil level, and install 2-3 inches of "fresh mulch".

Landscape Design and Installation

At Green Pastures Landscaping we work within our clients desires AND budget.We help renovate existing landscapes, remove and replace old outdated landscapes, or design and install brand new landscapes.No home is truly complete without its aesthetic appeal and usefulness.

Sod Install

You can have a beautiful, healthy, and lush-looking lawn immediately by simply and properly preparing your soil and designated lawn areas for grade, drainage, and installation. Nothing adds more relaxation and enjoyment than a lush, green, healthy lawn..

Retaining Wall Design and Installation

At Green Pastures Landscaping we specialize in using 6"x6"x8' grade 1 or 2 pressure treated landscape timbers to create strength, support, erosion control, definition, and landscape function to any landscape. One of our signature offerings are custom-built timber stairs, built to allow safety and ease of stepping up or down difficult grades or terrain.

Scott’s by TruGreen Lawn Spraying Services

We bring exclusive products, breakthrough technologies and unmatched expertise to every lawn we are entrusted to take care of. It's something you can't get from anyone else. Let us give you a lush, green, beautiful lawn that you'll love to spend time on.

Tree Removal, Cutting, Pruning, Stump Grinding and Stump Removal Services

No job is too Big or Small. FULLY Insured. Experienced climbers and arborists get the job done safely and proficiently.