Those persons who have lost their right path and have become either naxlites and also Terrorists, they must be brought on the rights path for welfare works of our society. For this we are trying our best to bring them back on the right path.
It is our duty to remove the poverty of each person – especially the down trodden people, the sick persons, the injured persons, the child labour, the senior citizens, the most senior citizens and the harrased women also.
To fulfill our task properly we have to contact most humbly the chairmen of the district, members of the Municipality MLA’s, the MP’s, the Ministers, the chief Minister and the Prime Minister also.

With their sympathy, help, kindness and co-operation, we Jitendra Prasad Singh National President and our National Spokesperson Dr. Harishankar Prasad Singh with all enthusiastic, brave and active workers and office bearers also are bound for fulfil and complete our welfare works with determination and perfection.

Jitendra Prasad Singh
Hon’ble President

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