None of the businesses would have expected the huge success of the Android but it has touched the sky in terms of popularity and today about 80% of the businesses account for mobile operating system. So, in today’s world having an android app for a business is a basic requirement.

Another fact that cannot be ignored is the increasing use of the android phones and tablets. Keeping this fact in mind, the businesses now also need to include the mobile applications while planning their marketing strategy. With attractive and responsive mobile applications, the chances of converting the buyers into loyal customers increase to a great deal. Now, the problem that is faced by the businesses is finding an android app development company that can design an app for their business. We at Aiscor can resolve this problem by providing you with an android app that is engaging so that it becomes the most downloaded app.

Avail our services

Professional android app developers

we at Asicor have a team of professionals that excels in designing android apps. The professionals keep themselves updated with the latest technology and design apps that can benefit the business to a great deal. We first provide consulting services during which we listen to the requirements of the business and suggest them the ideas and unique concepts. After several brainstorming sessions, we come up with the best idea that is best for the business.

Can design any kind of app

no matter, it is a complex app or a simple app, we can design any kind of android app as per the desires of the client.

Customer support

with Google launching constant updates of the operating systems, it becomes essential to update the apps also so that they can become compatible with the operating system. We are there to provide you instant help and update your software on your request. You can call us anytime and request for an update on the app with the update in the operating system. We test the app and make sure that the updates done are completely compatible with the newly launched operating system.

Cost efficient

we offer cost effective services to our customers. Depending on the requirements, we offer quotes for the project.

We have already built several android apps in different domains like business, finance, game, healthcare, security, maps etc. We are always available for a free consultation and you can feel free to contact our executives.